Wednesday, 4 July 2012

On The Edge Of Adolescence.

I had written this one few years back. Some deep thoughts been converted into  a simple composition. :]

Sitting at a place trying to concentrate,Pondering on someone's saying's which deeply Penetrates.Into My Heart and made Me Realize,That the World in which I live, is now 'bout to Collide.

No more fairy tales to amuse Myself,I have to grow, I cant Defend Myself,This childish feeling is going out of range,Even though I'm against, but I have to Change.

I can feel an unknown feeling building inside Me,
Killing My Inner Self in the Name of Maturity.
As it grows deeper and tears Me apart, 
Difficult to say whether its the End or a New Start.

And now when I step into this New World,
Some Wishes and Dreams remained uncurled.
I will succeed, let the two Worlds collide,
Cause Change is nothin' but an essence of Life.

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