Friday, 3 August 2012

Yes! I'm very emotional when it comes to my family.

I frigging HATE this! I really don't understand why people have to abuse someone's mother or sisters! What have they done to you?! Just because you have nothing better to say in return or you don't know how to trash talk with the person, you just bring their mother, sisters, dad, granny, everyone into this and abuse! Keep on abusing!

Get a life people! Seriously!
Have some manners while talking. And don't dare apologize saying, "It just came out of frustration, I had no intention." Yeah right!


  1. True that !!
    Verbal abuses has been there since my grandfather and his grandfather or may be much older than that. Abuses in my town and the places I've visited not nettling or piercing me but giving a burst of laughter. Most of the times I hear them screeching about sex lives of the mother fathers and god knows who of the victim. That is actually very funny how they found no other way than abusing to let out their frustation. Poor souls! I pity them.
    By the way, you write well keep writing. :-)

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  3. hahaha..!! verbal abuses are funny and i enjoy them a lot and there is NOTHING you can do about it. I mean, have look around you, everyone each and every person men,women,boys,girls, kids they are into it. Even a 5th grade student is a complete "Gold-medalist" in verbal abuses these days, forget about the kids even in songs abuses are added and i am sure you do enjoy it ;) hope you remember this song from the movie Delly Belly "Bhaag Bhaag DK BOSE DK BOSE DK"

    BUT i do agree with one thing you said -
    One definitely have to take care of his words and it DO depends on the condition and the particular person he/she is talking to and the atmosphere around him at that moment.

    Great post and please don't mind but it really made laugh :P
    And yes, if i see your "Topic" that is "you are really emotional when it comes to your family" here is great old and practical saying ma'am - "Tit for Tat".

  4. you didn't ?? no need to get emotional do the same to the other person :P or if there is something better u can do go for it :)

  5. Very good post and it is true no one has a right to insult anyone family
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