Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The End To A New Start.

And she ran into the fields,
spreading her hands wide like she's an airplane.
Her eyes sparkling with joy and her smile was not fake.

Took a round or two and jumped up high.
She was not afraid, she wasn't really feeling shy.

Her heart was singing a merry song,
The birds added up to the music in her heart.
Her happiness had no limits,
As she kept on rejoicing on the new start.

Suddenly a voice, so cruel, so harsh,
Came piercing into the sky to her ears.
It sent a chill down her spine & haunted her.
And brought back all those sorrows, those fears.

She broke down and hit the floor so hard.
As that voice whispered, "This is the end to your new start."
Drowned in the sadness, she lay on the ground, so cold.
Reliving her bittersweet nightmares, that never seems to get old.

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